How to fight back when your job is a pain in the___________

You fill in the blank! Back? Neck? Knees?

Maybe you’ve spent some years on an assembly-line job.

Or perhaps you do hard physical labor in construction, auto repairs, or landscaping to name just a few.

You don’t mind putting in a hard day’s work for a decent wage.

It’s just that maybe “the old gray mare, it ain’t what it used to be”!  ‘

You’ve got chronic joint pain that hasn’t gone away for months.

Your doctor says it’s time for surgery.

Everything wears out! Moving parts that do the same job over and over have to be replaced. The same thing happens to the human body.

In fact, a rheumatologist once told me that he warns everyone in a career that requires hard physical labor to plan for a career change before the age of fifty.

I’ve got a brother-in-law who works for a luxury car manufacturer. His job required the same repeated body motions day in and out. Unlike an exercise routine, you don’t get to stop working after an hour.

He eventually required joint surgery. He changed positions in his company, too. Happily, his company was fair. They paid for his surgery and his required time off of work. A quality worker is worth the cost! That’s what health insurance and workers’ compensation is for.

On the job injuries do not just mean a slip-and-fall accident!

Chronic pain due to repetitive motion labor should not be ignored by you or the company that you work for.

You are not a captured Roman slave to be worn out and tossed out like trash in the salt mines!

Nor do you work in a sweatshop somewhere in Asia.

The question is — will your company pay up if your chronic pain is caused by your job description?

Any company with integrity that keeps their employees in the same job month after month will factor in “human” parts replacements to their cost of operations.

Worn-out joints don’t just decrease factory production!  Chronic pain is known to reduce quality of life in some important ways.

You suffer loss of ability to perform desired tasks after work!

When my brother-in-law decided to build a small retaining wall, he knew it was time to schedule surgery. Even though he is fit and muscular, his joint injury took the wind out of his sails. He finished the wall, but the pain screamed so loud he could no longer ignore it.

Depression often sets in with loss of normal physical function.

Sleep loss due to chronic pain is debilitating. Your mind crawls at a snail’s pace. Simple tasks feel overwhelming. Lack of accomplishment leads to a cycle of despair.

Relationships suffer.

No one enjoys being around a person who is constantly miserable. Depending on individual pain tolerance, you may not enjoy being around other people, either.  If you suffer from chronic pain, it takes all your energy just to get your eight hour shift completed each day.

Worst of all, you may be unable to hold down your current job due to chronic pain!

If you or a loved one are suffering chronic pain due to  job-related activities, you need to protect your future!

Is your company willing to provide coverage for all your medical needs and the necessary time off of work? Your ability to provide for your loved ones is at stake!

Are you fighting an uphill battle to get help from your company?  You need an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer today!

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