Animal Attack

Steps to take to protect yourself and your family in the event of an animal attack:

  • Immediately get the address of the homeowner of the dog. A first and last name will also be helpful but without this information it will be almost impossible to determine who owns the animal.
  • Call 911. Do not leave the scene without contacting the police. When the police officer asks you what happened, tell him/her in a calm manner everything. Cooperate fully with the police officer. Do not argue, just state the facts. If you are nice to them, you will be surprised how friendly they may be to you.
  • Obtain a police case number before leaving the scene. You may be given a short form report but do not be concerned if you are not given one. You can obtain the full report usually after 72 hours, from the police department investigating the accident.
  • If you are hurt, request medical attention, even if you are shaken. Or, after leaving the scene, immediately go to the hospital or your family doctor. You would be surprised how many people feel the effects of the bite within hours, days, weeks and even months.
  • Obtain photographs of the bite wounds and areas surrounding the wounds. If you call our firm immediately, we will take photographs for you.
  • Contact our office at 636-244-3737 as soon as possible. Remember, we only get paid if we are able to reach a monetary settlement with the defendant's insurance company, so legal representation will cost you nothing.

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